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01 about

Our studio was founded in 2002. The main areas of focus are interior design, environmental design, urban design, architecture, professional visualization and animation.


02 portfolio


It is a complex project that includes interiors, exteriors and animation. The city within a city on the riverside, under construction.


Interior design of the house in a loft style, the total area of 410 m²

photo_2021-10-04 18.58.14.jpeg

Visualization of the concept of a shopping and entertainment complex. We showed the exterior of the complex, the territory, adjacent streets and landscaping.


03 Team

We are a very creative and technically competent team, ready to implement tasks of any complexity. We combine practicality and experience with great ideas in every direction of interior design and visualization.


Our job is to find the most ergonomic, technically correct, efficient and beautiful way to solve your problem. People talk about our projects and discuss them. We work and live as we see fit and we like it. Our team has its own values ​​and beliefs, and therefore we do not work with those whose beliefs contradict ours. We work for as long as the ideal solution to the problem requires, and therefore we know the value of our work.


We make the space around you better.


04 contact

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Warsaw, Poland


Tel: +48 500 550 057

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